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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 18, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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people involved in the hostage situation. this is not over yet. this morning, the fate of as many five american citizens
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along with dozens of others from places like britain and france remain unclear. after algerian troops and helicopters stormed this natural gas facility. it appears it was a bloody rescue attempt that went terribly wrong. this morning, the algerian government said that it's raid is now over. but the situation is still not resolved. the area is so remote and communications so difficult no one is really clear what is happening. the british prime minister spoke just moments ago. >> there is no justification for this hostage-taking and we'll continue to do everything we can to hunt the people down. >> reporter: what we doe know prior to the raid, some hostages were forced to wear explosives around their necks. and at least five americans who may have been elsewhere on the complex managed to escape along with at least one irish worker
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from belfast. >> i can't describe how happy i am. >> reporter: he called his family immediately after he was in a safe area. telling them how he left to safety from a jeep after it came under bombardment. son dylan will be waiting when his father comes home. as for those missing americans, defense secretary leon panetta said just a while ago, we are working around the clock to ensure the safe return of our citizens. elizabeth? >> let's hope that happens soon. thank you so much. now, to the stunning interview with lance armstrong, coming clean to oprah about doping to win. did he really tell the truth? the whole truth? abc's neal karlinsky who has covered lance armstrong for years is here with the dramatic details. neal, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was surreal to watch. you have to understand that this is a man who has fought with everything he could to maintain his lie, through vicious attacks, threats and lawsuits. but last night, lance armstrong
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came clean, almost as if he just decided to flip a switch from somewhere deep inside. >> i'd like you to walk me through it. were there, you know, pill deliveries? and blood in secret refrigerators? how did it work? >> we need a long time. >> reporter: calling himself an arrogant bully, lance armstrong had no good answer to explain away one of the biggest lies in all of sport. >> i'll start my answer by saying that this is too late. i view this situation as one, big lie, that i repeated many times. >> reporter: the man who won the tour de france seven times, only to have his titles stripped away, admitted to using a slew of performance-enhancing drug, in such a matter-of-fact way, you would never guess that he did everything in his power to prosect this secret.
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>> did you ever take performance-enhancing substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> reporter: he seemed to blame the momentum of his own story for getting carried away. >> you overcome the disease. you win the tour de france seven times. a happy marriage, children. it's this mythic, perfect story. >> was it a big deal to you? did it feel wrong? >> no. scary. >> did you feel bad about it? >> no. even scarier. >> did you feel in any way that you were cheating? >> no. that's the scariest. >> reporter: but he said this interview, his former teammate, floyd landis, coming forward and telling all in an abc news exclusive, was the beginning of the end. >> many people think that the real tipping point was floyd
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landis and his decision to come forward and confess. >> i'd agree with that. >> that was the tipping point? >> reporter: what those who know him say was missing, in the words, the body language, in all of it, was any real sign of feeling, of contrition. >> were you a bully? >> yeah. yeah. i was a bully. i tried to control the narrative. and if i didn't like what somebody said, and for whatever reasons in my own head, whether i viewed that as somebody being disloyal or a friend turning on you or whatever, i tried to control that. and say, that's a lie. they're liars. >> reporter: many thought the apologies in particular didn't seem to have much heart to them. and then, of course, there's the question of how much of what he said can really be believed since armstrong clearly admitted to being a very, very good liar, george. >> that's the bottom line. okay, neal, thanks very much. let's get more from "usa today" columnist and abc contributor, christine brennan. welcome back. boy, you know, the admission came in the first
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90 seconds. but over the course of the 90 minutes, no real apology. >> if he could look worse, lance armstrong did look worse last night. it was a lose-lose going in. i think he did more harm than good to his reputation. and he just looked cold-blooded and cutthroat and ruthless. >> no real contrition. more of a tactical career move? >> i guess. but for what? he's going to have to go so far beyond what he did last night if he even wants to consider reducing that lifetime ban to eight years. >> let's go through that. for him to reduce it, he has to go to the doping agency, under oath, and admit everything, all the details. >> exactly. chapter and verse. new names. new documents, everything. the things that he was so reluctant or to go into conversations, it was just a broad brush. >> like neal, you've covered
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lance armstrong for an awful long time. how do you explain this move at this time? >> it's hard to fathom. he should have gone away for five years. this is like bernie madoff coming back after three months. or richard nixon coming back after three months. no one wants to hear from those people so soon. and i think this was a major miscalculation in the career of lance armstrong. >> okay, christine brennan, thank you very much. now, to betsy andreu, his husband was lance armstrong's teammate and close friend. the couple was part of his intimate circle, until he says -- she says armstrong turned on them. betsy, good morning. you said you were furious watching that interview. what was it you expected to hear? >> well, i want to give credit to lance because what he did, admitting that he was a fraud and a cheat, all those years, is a huge, big step. he took the first step. but he -- it all started with this hospital room, where he
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admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. and he wouldn't step up to the plate and admit it happened. this is where it all started. i was really disappointed personally that he didn't admit to that. >> you were a major part of this interview last night. he admitted ruining the lives of many people who told the truth about his doping. but when he was asked point-blank, if you told the truth when you testified under oath, that lance had told his cancer doctors in that hospital room, that he used performance-enhancing drugs, he refused. he said, i'm going to lay down on that one. it sounds like he was saying, she didn't tell the truth. but i'm not going to challenge her anymore. >> in lance's mind, what he is saying is, i'll give her that one. so, in his mind, he is saying, let's agree with what betsy said. it would have been nice. but i think there's legal issues there because if anybody lied under oath about the hospital room before the grand jury, that just opens up a myriad of problems. >> let's take a look at the clip
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when he was asked whether or not he had made things right with you. he said he's been on an apology tour, calling some people to apologize. let's take a look at what he said. >> is it well with the two of you? have you made peace? >> no. i think she'd be okay with me saying this. but i'm going to take the liberty to say it. and i said, listen, i called you crazy. i called you [ bleep ]. i called you all these things. but i never called you fat. >> i never called you fat? what is that? >> what lance would do is, he would always attack the person and not the message. and so, he would just go after me. and then there were rumors of, he said this, this and that about you. and i say, well, okay. fine. maybe i was a witch. but now, everybody knows why. i told the truth for years. and it just went unheard. >> and to set the record straight, he called you
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vengeful over the years, bitter, jealous, crazy. a lot of other words i can't say on morning television. he called you in the last couple of days. he revealed last night in the interview. what did he say to you in that conversation? did he apologize? >> he did apologize. and it means more that he apologized to me on the phone and not in a public forum. >> this is the first time you'd heard him in years and years and years. >> since i saw him at my deposition in 2005. >> what was it like to hear him on the phone? how did he sound? >> i couldn't believe it was lance. i could not believe that lance apologized. i think this was a process. i honestly don't think he knows how to tell the truth and how to say i'm sorry. so, it means a lot that he called to apologize to me. it was a very emotional conversation. i want to keep it private. but he certainly dropped the ball when it came to that hospital room. and i told him in that conversation, lance, this is where it all started. you really do have to tell the truth here. >> you know him very, very well. to many last night, he didn't look remorseful. he still looks ruthless.
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>> that's because, again, for him to admit what he did was a big first step. but this is all new for everybody. there's a range of emotions. lance doesn't say i'm sorry. lance isn't used to telling the truth. and so, i think in the days to come, in the months to come, i'm hoping that we will see the contrition. actions speak louder than words. so, the words aren't empty. >> yes or no, did he hurt himself? >> yes. >> all right. betsy, i'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more. part two of the interview airs tonight. thank you so much for being here. >> you're welcome. >> your vindication finally arrived, at least in the court of public opinion. >> thanks. let's turn to josh elliott for the other developing stories here. >> all right, elizabeth. we're going to begin here with two scary incidents involving big airliners. first, an apparent hijacking hoax. two f-15s scrambled overnight,
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to escort a plane from hawaii into seattle's airport. that was after someone called the fbi saying a hijacker was onboard. now, a passenger was questioned for some two hours. he was not arrested. now, agents are looking into who exactly placed the call. and an argentinean airliner that just arrived in miami, clipped a packed air france jet preparing for takeoff. it happened near the airport terminal. neither plane was moving quickly, thankfully. one had damage to its wing tip. one to its tail section. no one was hurt here. but hundreds of passengers were forced to change planes. and an emotional night at the movies in aurora, colorado. the theater where 12 people died in the shooting rampage 6 months ago, reopened last night, holding a special ceremony. some survivors and those who lost loved ones say it was part of moving forward, while others boycotted the ceremony. and a woman known for doling out no-nonsense advice is being remembered this morning.
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the woman behind dear abby, whose real name was pauline phillips, died after a battle with alzheimer's at the age of 94. she was ahead of her time. and had some 100 million readers at her peak. phillips was the twin sister of rival columnist ann landers, whose daughter had taken over her column ten years ago. pauline phillips, gone at the age of 94. again, so ahead of her time. >> oh, yeah. >> 100 million readers. >> quite a lot. >> isn't that amazing? >> i was one of them. >> me, too. >> great stuff. we're going to turn to a disturbing story from overnight from philadelphia. it has happened again. an apparently random, unprovoked subway attack, ending with a woman thrown to the tracks. you see her right there. thankfully, she survived. and abc's john muller has the details. >> reporter: this surveillance video taken inside philadelphia's subway system is stunning and hard to watch. a brutal attack on an unsuspecting victim, thrown
7:14 am
screaming on to the tracks of a train. it begins innocently enough. a man and woman wait for the subway shortly after 3:00 in the afternoon. then, the man approaches and asks the woman to borrow a lighter. but after returning it, he suddenly lunges, choking her and attacking her with a flurry of punches. then, the unthinkable. the suspect grabs her ankles, dragging her across the platform, and tossing her on to the tracks, before casually reaching into her purse. >> picked up her cell phone and strolled out of the station. >> reporter: overnight, and after a citywide manhunt, police have arrested william clark and plan to charge him with aggravated assault and robbery. >> he was apprehended, still in possession of the victim's phone. >> reporter: miraculously, police say the young woman was able to climb to safety, before a train reached her, suffering only minor injuries.
7:15 am
what police don't know this morning is why an innocent moment waiting for a train became such a nightmare. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> horrible. you have a happier story. >> i do, thank goodness. now, some rules to live by that we can all embrace. they were jotted down by two, young girls this week. a walmart employee discovered the book and sat to reconcile the young authors with their laws to living life. take a look. >> reporter: we already have the ten commandments. >> god has sent before you this day his laws of life and good. >> reporter: and the rules of "fight club." >> first rule of fight club is, you do not talk about fight club. >> reporter: why not a rule book by and for kids? >> don't call each other names. clean up your messes. no eating other people's food. >> reporter: 157 rules in a spiral notebook, found in a
7:16 am
walmart parking lot by raymond flores, the employee who retrieves carts. >> don't keep saying please if someone says no. >> reporter: the no-nos of a lifetime. rule 91, don't color on people. 105, tie your shoes or you'll fall down. and, of course, don't bite the dentist. >> i thought this was adorable. >> reporter: rule 154 is protect this book. and flores was determined to follow it. >> here's your book back. >> reporter: all the way back to the authors, two girls, ages 8 and 10. cousins and best friends who both struggle with little sisters, who apparently have been known to color on people and even bite the dentist. >> i said, why don't we put the rules in here. and whoever breaks it has to sit at the door for five minutes. and so, we came up with all these good rules. >> we can have fun more. >> reporter: now, thanks to all the attention, these young authors may have a publisher.
7:17 am
for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> i knew that was coming. >> that's absolutely incredible. >> i'll buy that book. >> i'm buying two copies. sam, we can add one, when it rains, don't blame the weatherman. >> still, two of my favorites. don't color on people. josh, don't bite the dentist. >> you know you do that. >> stop right now. let's get to the boards. we're going to start with video this morning. our deep south snow moves into the mid-atlantic and then kind of cruises out by cape cod this morning. but look at this, from raleigh, north carolina, all the way to richmond, virginia, this is a hit of snow, that in many places, like mississippi, this is the kind of snow you see 10 to 20 years. good, heavy snowfall totals. mountains of snow. more than 15 inches of snow in the mountains of west virginia and also into virginia. now, watch this low cruise away. the cape gets one to two inches today before it's fully gone. in comes the brutal chill behind it.
7:18 am
this is a short one today into tomorrow. we'll warm up over the weekend. next week, plunging arctic air. quick look at the big board there. we'll get into it later this morning.
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>> nice and mild and wet, 77 l.a. 60 to denver. there's a big plunge of arctic air next week. big, big cold. >> why do you have to say plunge? >> i'm just saying. >> or big? coming up on "gma," the woman in the middle of the manti te'o hoax is revealed. she's alive. when did he find out that she really didn't exist? the first lady debuts the brand-new look. we'll meet the man behind her stunning style. and hollywood teen and tweens shed their good girl images. but are they trying to do hard to show they're all grown up? we'll let you know on "gma." what i'm doing."
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with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity. >> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. doctors and pharmacies are seeing a rush for the flu vaccine. a clinic continues through today at washington hospital in fremont. demand is growing although california is one of the least active states so far this flu season. pharmacies have order more shipments of the vaccine. so far there has been only a few wide-spread outbreaks at bay area schools but that could change quickly. traffic always changing quickly. >> two big citizens in the east
7:24 am
bay, northbound, 238 ramp to southbound 880 a stalled big rig has been there for some time. chp issued a signal alert with traffic backed to castro valley area. two, north 880, five cars in the left lane, you can see the damage with slow traffic basically north from 238. kristen? >> our meteorologist, mike nicco,
7:25 am
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>> welcome back, check out this beautiful picture from mount tamalpais you can see the thin film, it is a "spare the air" day, with the worst quality around the san pablo day and to san mateo bridge on the peninsula. we all are under the burn ban. freezing in napa and concord, and everyone else is frost free. mid-to-upper
7:28 am
what is the truth about manti te'o?
7:29 am
you see him down in florida training, right there, as so many questions keep on coming in, about what really happened. that bizarre love story. right there is the woman seen in pictures as his girlfriend. she's now revealed to be alive. the questions about the notre dame football star and who was really behind the hoax. >> everywhere you go, everybody's debating whether or not he knew or didn't, why he might have been in on it, if he was in on it. also ahead, the first lady's splashy, new hairstyle is already getting rave reviews. michelle obama's bangs are making waves. we're going to meet the man who created her brand-new look. >> she looks great. and look at these. you're not seeing double. but you are seeing some surprising mini-mes. little kids in a-list looks, striking a pose, with what the creator calls toddlewood poses. >> i hope my girls aren't seeing those.
7:30 am
>> we'll show you how to get some of those striking golden globe looks for less. >> a lot of explaining to do. we're going to get to the latest bizarre twist in an admittedly bizarre story of manti te'o. the woman here pictures as his girlfriend, as you see her, very much alive. new, confusing and contradictory details about the hoax are still emerging. manti te'o, the devoutly mormon all-american linebacker at notre dame, who once spoke so eloquently about his devotion to team and to the girlfriend he lost to cancer. >> the most beautiful girl i've ever met. >> reporter: this morning, is sullen and silent. captured briefly here by news cameras thursday, at a florida training facility, even as questions about the complex internet scam in which he says he was unknowingly ensnared, continue to mount. >> the weight of the world right now is on manti te'o's shoulders. this is a feeding frenzy. >> reporter: on thursday,
7:31 am
"inside edition" caught up with this woman, diane o'meara. >> i'm not making any comments. >> reporter: her lawyer tells ". inside edition" says that she's also a victim. she doesn't know manti te'o, but photos of her, such as these, were stolen and used to create the illusion of te'o's girlfriend. >> the last thing she said to me was i love you. >> reporter: this morning, notre dame continues to stand by its star player, convinced, it says, that a man known for big plays on the field was played for a fool online. >> our investigators, through their work, were able to discover online chatter among the perpetrators, that, sort of the ultimate proof of this. >> reporter: but many wonder if te'o really never met lennay kekua, then how could he feel such emotion for her? >> she was just the person i turned to, the love of my life. >> reporter: and why did his
7:32 am
father tell a south bend newspaper that his son and woman met several years ago. every once in a while, she would travel to hawaii, brian te'o was quoted as saying last october. so, he would meet her there. but perhaps, most confusing is this, an interview te'o gave december 8th, to south bend tv station. >> i don't like cancer at all. i lost my grandparents and my girlfriend to cancer. >> reporter: according to notre dame's own timeline, te'o had already learned his girlfriend didn't exist two days earlier, on december 6th. and it's just such inconsistencies as that. and perhaps the biggest and simplest question of all, why? why would anyone do this? now, we wait for answers for it, george. >> we sure do, josh. and joining us now is nev schulman. executive producer of "catfish."
7:33 am
also, our "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. nev, let me begin with you. maybe this is a generational thing. i look at the facts. a relationship supposedly going on for several months. they never meet. i say, there's no way this is true. but you believe him. >> yeah. i stand by the guy. my heart goes out to him. i feel like he's dealing with more emotionally than anyone's giving him credit for. he had his heart broken. his girlfriend died. he's grieving, a girl whether she existed or not, those are real feelings. >> your brother says he was the victim of a hoax like this. what have been you able to discover in this story? >> my brother's been pretty deep in it with his co-host, max joseph. and they uncovered a few other people that were duped by the fake lennay character. sort of like my brother's story, it's bigger than just manti. there were a lot of other people she was corresponding with, before and maybe even during her relationship.
7:34 am
>> you went and looked at the interviews, how do you think it was able to go on so long without being uncovered? >> when you want something bad enough, in his case, a connection with someone, you're willing to ignore a lot of red flags and create a scenario that allows you to continue believing. same thing with my brother. he wanted this girl to be real. he wanted the love to be real. and he ignored everything else. >> the hardest thing for people to accept, though, is even after he knew, lennay was alive, he continued to at least not reveal that fact. i know your brother's reached out to him. have you heard anything about that at all? >> no. i think nev has said manti, i know what you went through. the exact same thing happened to me. if anyone who understands it's my brother. i don't think manti is reaching back at the moment. maybe he will. >> and, dan, are there any laws broken here in any way? >> it depends. you know, look. it depends what state it occurred in.
7:35 am
let's assume that it occurred in a state which makes it against the law to take someone's identity and lie about it. you had to have done it with the intent to harm, intimidate, threaten, et cetera. and here, there are -- >> isn't that implied by trying to fool someone in that way. >> the definition of harm comes in. you're allowed to create a parody account. i can take george stephanopoulos and put a picture and make fun of george stephanopoulos. >> please don't. >> and that's okay. that's perfectly legal. but if you do it with the intent to create harm, et cetera. we don't know if -- we don't know exactly what's happened here. on the flip side of that, some people are asking, what about him? what if he made this up? could he face any legal problems? and the answer to that one is no. >> how about notre dame? notre dame knew the truth and didn't reveal it, either. >> first of all, he's under no obligation -- let's assume for a moment that he knew that
7:36 am
this was a hoax. he's allowed to lie to the public. allowed to lie to the media. he's not allowed to lie to the authorities. notre dame had no obligation to come forward. the media says, we're entitled to know everything that is true. yeah. it's irritating. it's deceptive sometimes. but it doesn't mean that there are legal issues associated with it. the more likely scenario would be, if someone's likeness is taken, that person ends up suing and saying, wait a second. you took my likeness for this particular purpose, particularly for financial gain, and i'm going to sue you. we don't know the facts here well enough to know what sort of potential legal issues. >> we covered so many cases like this. what's your gut on how it ends? what we're going to know at the end? >> my gut is that there's a -- i guess a lonely person behind it all, who didn't expect it to go this far. and was looking to connect with someone. and that someone was manti because he was looking for the same connection. and we'll find that there was no
7:37 am
malicious intent initially. and it just started off as two people looking for love. >> that happens. that will -- this will go down as one of the most amazing stories. >> boy, it sure will. we're all going to find out, we hope, one day. let's get the weather from sam. >> george, if i could ask one favor of everyone, just sit down, take a breath. and calmly watch the television set, as i talk about the polar delivery that comes in next week. this is the coldest. open the rule back. it's 130 something. look at the coldest air of the season so far. this is a big, direct delivery from the arctic. 10 below in fargo by the time we get to sunday. chicago, 17, by the time we get to monday. detroit, 16, by the time we get to monday. minneapolis, is below zero, as well, on monday. this is a big shot of cold air that drops next week all the way in the middle of the country. we'll be talking about it all week and its effects. take a look at the west, though. and know it's warm for a couple of days. denver, getting to 60 degrees. that's amazing.
7:38 am
albuquerque, about 50. phoenix, 70. l.a., at 77 >> all of that weather was brought to you by green mountain coffee. >> sam, how is the weather going to be for the inaugural? >> not as cold as the last one. that one was in the teens. >> it won't be 19 degrees. >> not as cold. >> i think especially for you, right? >> i'll be outside. i'm going to be outside in the elements, thank you. >> 34's not so bad. coming up here, michelle obama's brand-new look, getting a lot of attention right now. you're going to meet the man behind those bangs. and two, american teen queens trying to shed their good girl images in a racy, new film. are selena gomez and vanessa
7:39 am
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back, now, at 7:43, with the first lady's brand-new hairstyle. she debuted the look on thursday, 49th birthday. it's getting rave reviews. and reena ninan has the story
7:43 am
behind the bangs. >> reporter: as washington prepares its look for the president's inauguration monday, it seems mrs. obama is preparing hers, as well. unveiling a brand-new do thursday, bangs. it's the first image posted on her new official twitter account, at flotus. and overnight, pool photographers got a brief look at the new hairstyle, as mrs. obama returned from a dinner, celebrating her birthday with the president. the reaction to her newly-framed face has been swift and mostly positive. at flotus, we love your new bangs. michelle obama celebrates a second term with bangs. flotus is flawless. >> michelle obama is such a trend-setter in the fashion industry because she manages to be aspirational and acceptable at the same time. >> reporter: who is behind the new look? johnny wright, styling her
7:44 am
tresses since just before they moved into the white house. while he won't spill the first lady's salon secrets, he did offer this take on a previous first-term trim. >> the haircut was not really calculated. it was something that, you know, i just felt that it would be nice and fresh. and it would make her look more youthful than she is. >> reporter: her new cut, the opening act for this fashion icon's next four years. and for an inauguration fashion showdown that's just getting started. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, washington. >> i'm told by greg, my hair styleist, it's a layered bob with bangs. bangs are hard. >> you're stuck with them for a long time. >> probably not in you're first lady. >> i don't know if that can make your hair grow. >> yeah. she gets a lot of perks. not sure if hair growth is one of them. and coming up, everybody, on "good morning america," we have the red carpet mini-mes making splashing statements this
7:45 am
morning in a-list looks. the stories behind the pictures. they're so cute. plus, we'll show you how to score the sizzling looks from the golden globes for less. >> i'm going to let all of the parents here know, no, no, no, kids. also, "play of the day." i'm going to tell you to freeze it because i was outside. >> it's snowing outside. it because i was outside. >> it's snowing outside. it's really freezing. ♪ oh-oh-oh, oh, o ♪ sometimes ♪ i get a good feeling ♪ yeah ♪ get a feeling that i never, never, never, never had before ♪ ♪ no, no, i get a good feeling ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] all this... only on royal caribbean. call 1-800-royal-caribbean today.
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> creative parenting choices, in the purview today. it's a bo-fer, people. we love yapping about the little ones. so, let's take a look here. this is kieran patel from the u.k. his 6-month-old daughter, eva. the music is provided by them, by the way. tom cruise. >> "mission impossible." >> "mission impossible" baby
7:50 am
snatch. i love it. let's get to the next one. this is my favorite. the perfect pony tail from dad. that's a vacuum. pony tail. >> i can't believe it. >> that's great. sarina, dad will be home soon. >> that's great. sarina, dad will be home soon. >> no. ne has their own way of doing things. at university of phoenix we know learning is no different. so we offer personalized tools and support, that let our students tackle the challenge of going back to school, like they do anything else... their way. it's healthier, and the only one clinically proven. with aloe, vitamins, and no ammonia. my hair looks healthier than before i colored.
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7:55 am
>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. 24 of the top big wave surfers in the world are ready for the contest at half moon bay with big waves expected with the national weather service issuing a beach hazard for the coast for the weekend. >> that means sneaker waves tonight and tomorrow and dangerous rip currents saturday afternoon into saturday during mavericks. on sunday morning at half moon bay temperatures are in the 60's at half moon bay so be careful. freezing temperatures with black ice again this morning. mid-60's this week enthe -- this weekend. >> we have a slow north 880 five cars jammed up but the trucks can use 580.
7:56 am
>> thank you,
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
[ cheers and applause ] it's not snowing out there in times square anymore. what is that balloon out there? >> a gator. >> gator. >> i'm guessing it's a gator. >> okay. a gator. >> he is "sea rescue," guys. >> good thing we have the expert here. we have an expert deejay. d.j. k2. >> oh, yeah. >> shoutout to robin at home. and it's great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> it's great to be here. all month, we've been jumpstarting your january, to make this year your best year. >> do tell. >> we have the grand finale to our big money edition to fix your finances. we're going to have one person go into our money machine.
8:00 am
and also, how to turn the clutter in your house into cash. >> yeah. >> when you see that machine going, you know it means that one lucky audience member is going to get the chance to step into the money booth and take home all they can grab in 30 seconds. we have a big winner. josh, who is it? >> we've seen somebody walk away with $560-plus. it looked like she was ten months pregnant with cash. our lovely contestant today for the finale is -- number six. >> that's fantastic. >> she's excited. [ screaming ] >> that's good. >> that's amazing. >> come here. what's your name? hang on. hang out right here. hang out right here. we'll warm up together because
8:01 am
it's going to take all of your energy to get in there. we're breathing. we're breathing. >> there you go. there you go. you're going to do great. >> some people -- some people have walked away with hundreds of dollars. >> oh, my gosh. >> there's no number six. >> stop that. >> we're going to let sam give you the tips on how to get the most cash. >> sam, help her out. we have hollywood teen queens that are tossing out their good girl images for a racy, new movie. are selena gomez and vanessa hudgens trying to too hard to show they're all grown up? and we have the story behind these. here they are. there you go. mini-mes from the red carpet and a-list looks from the golden globes. we have the stories behind the pictures. and we'll show you how you can get grown-up size looks for less. >> we have a lot coming up this hour. first, let's get the news
8:02 am
from josh. >> a lot of excitement. we're going to begin with the breaking news. volatile and chaotic and confusing as it is, the situation in algeria. the fate of as many as five americans and dozens other hostages being held at a natural gas complex is unknown right now. five other americans have escaped their islamic militant captors. several people were killed in a rescue attempt gone wrong by the algerian military. we'll have updates as news becomes available. here at home, u.s. anti-doping officials are calling on lance armstrong to discuss his performance-enhancing drug use under oath. the disgraced former cycling champ called himself a bully. and told oprah winfrey he didn't feel bad about using drugs to win the tour de france seven times. in fact, he didn't think he was cheating at the time. part two of that interview will air tonight. in medical news, some encouraging news in the fight against cancer. new numbers show death rates have fallen some 20% from their
8:03 am
peak in 1991. even more encouraging, researchers say progress is more rapid against the four, major cancer areas, breast, prostate, colorectal and lung. and tom cruise seems to be the latest victim of the dangerous hoax known as s.w.a.t.'ing. police showed up at the actor's home after someone called 911 about an armed robbery. but it turned out to be a false report. cruise was not home at the time. and finally, nothing fake about this one. a brazen heist right out of a film. take a look. creative crooks dug a 150-foot tunnel from an underground garage, right into the safe deposit room of a berlin bank. made off with their haul undetected. >> no. >> police believe the elaborate tunnel may have taken months to complete. something right out of "shawshank" and right back into "shawshank."
8:04 am
>> what's that digging sound from under the bank? oh, nothing. and why are those guys coming out with piles of money? >> nothing to see here. >> why is morgan freeman walking around in the parking lot? i don't understand. maybe you can answer that in "pop news." >> i can't. but i have other news to get to, george. happy friday to you all. "gq" has crowned beyonce, the number one hottest woman of the 21st century. and the magazine has proof to back up the blame. the superstar supposed for next month's cover. she looks amazing on it. that's a great choice. let's face it. she is a triple-threat. in the magazine, she talks about how she videos almost every waking moment of her life. and as we now know, some of that footage will be featured in an hbo documentary next month. didn't she say she was embarrassed about sharing her life. >> in that picture, she's not. >> no. she doesn't look embarrassed at all, does she? she's also working on a new album and getting ready for her
8:05 am
super bowl performance. >> every waking moment? >> how does she do that? >> oh, boy. the follow-ups, here they come. i don't know. >> there are people for that. >> there are people for that. >> you're a superstar. >> my guess is, a lot of it has to do with having a baby and wanting to capture those moments. and her recording. she likes to look at video of herself. but she is critical of herself. >> i'm videoing myself right now. >> i know that all-too well, sam champion. check out the new "gq" on stands tuesday. we have great news for "downton abbey's" millions of fans. and number one fan, sam champion. and in fresh off the golden globe, dame maggie smith is coming back. there were some questions about it. >> i was worried about that. >> i know. you're worrying right now. >> it would really mess up the show. >> she's amazing. >> worry no more, sam champion, and everyone else out there. we can't imagine the show without her. and now, we won't have to.
8:06 am
as josh mentioned earlier in the show, pauline phillips, the creator of dear abby, has passed away at age 94. a true american pop culture icon, reminiscent of a time when there was no reality tv. these letters that people wrote was as close as we get with their very personal problems and saucy questions and her spicy answers. to celebrate dear abby's life, here are a few of her greatest hits. dear abby. my boyfriend is going to be 20 years old next month. i want to get him something for his birthday. what do you think he would like? never mind what he likes. give him a tie. and a man wrote asking what abby thought about his wife who liked to make breakfast in the buff. abby's response was, dear, ed. it's okay with me. but tell her to put on an apron when she's frying bacon. dear abby, you will be missed. quick for our pop quiz. what did animal lover betty white get for her 91st birthday? that was a bit of a clue. >> an animal.
8:07 am
>> thank you, elizabeth. we'll get specific when we come back. to another animal lover, sam champion, with the weather. >> if i ask you -- oh, hi. we're just getting acquainted. you're from maryland. where are you from? >> maryland. >> maryland, too. >> and? >> i'm from florida. >> good for you. i wish we were there right now. where are you from? >> connecticut. >> huh? >> connecticut. >> we're glad you guys are here. who has the gator? what's going on with the gator? >> we're here to promote tourism for florida. >> i love it. thank you, guys, so much for being here. we're crazy about you. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to show you. a time-lapse picture out of seattle. look at that. you can see the fog rolling in, just under the building tops there. and that has been problematic because that air stagnation and fog is not going away. look at the map here. it's out there again today. all of the low visibilities, dense fog advisories. air stagnation advisories, still
8:08 am
out. and freezing fog, as well. and the temperatures in the 20s, so, the fog makes the roads glazey. look at the temperatures over the next several days. we've shown you what happens this weekend. next week, get ready for the big, arctic push. that starts the end of the weekend to the first of the week, all the way through the eastern side of the country. so, that, my friends, is your weather on your friday. you guys are yellers. >> maybe i haven't said i love this crowd yet. happy birthday. tell me your names. >> crystal davis.
8:09 am
>> who are we going to now? >> lara. >> happy birthday, crystal. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." hollywood teen queens, are they in a hurry to show their all grown up? and how to prevent wedding day disasters. we'll show you a few. and how to score red carpet looks for much less. that and d.j. k2, coming up live, on "good morning america." k2,y with us. coming up live, on "good morning america." stay with us. see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. visit your eyecare professional today to ask about our newest lenses, transitions vantage and transitions xtractive lenses.
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8:14 am
hey, everybody. welcome back. 8:15 on "good morning america." now, we give you the pop quiz answer. first, i want to hear from you guys. what do you think betty white got for her 91st birthday? i gave you a clue. she loves animals. >> a rabbit. >> you did? >> a boa. >> she did get a snake. a red tail boa. good job, george. here's what happened. well, kind of. it was adopted from the los angeles zoo and botanical gardens in her name. >> what's the video we're showing? what is going on? >> that's -- >> that's her other birthday party. >> that was the party she had. >> she adopted apparently six dancers. >> there's a snake in that video, they didn't show.
8:15 am
that's the snake. >> highlight reel, 2013, right there. >> didn't go well, did it? >> no. >> 91 years young. happy birthday, betty white. >> and now, the proud owner of a boa. now, to the two young superstars who are shedding their good girl images with some very grown-up roles. selena gomez and vanessa hudgens co-starring in a gun-toting, hard-drinking movie. hard to believe. linsey davis is here with a closer look. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning. shedding the child star label can be difficult. especially when you grow up as a disney darling. there's a notion that the golden halo turned scarlet letter can doom a career. but sometimes it works. that's what selena gomez and vanessa hudgens are banking on. we know them as squeaky-clean salena, and very good vanessa.
8:16 am
two teen idols for sweethearts. hudgens, scoring in "high school musical." salena gomez, making headlines every time she stepped out with her baby-faced former boyfriend, justin bieber. now, the two hollywood good girls are going bad. shaking off their tween queen images for more adult roles. >> it's more than just spring break. it's a chance to see something different. >> reporter: the two teamed up with harmony korine, the controversial writer behind "kids," the nc-17 film about sex, drugs and lives of new york teens. >> they have to do different things to attract different audiences. and this is going to get these girls a lot of attention. >> reporter: they're just the latest in a long line of teen idols, to shake off their good girl image. like britney spears, who went from this -- ♪ hit me baby one more time >> reporter: to this -- ♪ baby, don't you want to dance up on me ♪ >> reporter: and more recently,
8:17 am
miley cyrus, who quickly graduated from this -- ♪ it's a party in the usa >> reporter: to this. in gomez and hudgens' latest rolls, they're on screen, as thing back shots, smoking marijuana, getting arrested, brandishing guns and bikinis. >> i think it will be very interesting and a little controversial. >> reporter: appear alongside a strungout and psychotic-looking james franco, who plays a drug-dealing scoundrel, in a spring break story gone horribly wrong. >> we push it to the limit. >> reporter: hudgens says it was time to shed a new skin and step into something different. different, indeed. hudgens went on to say that she wanted to step into a different person's shoes in an entirely different world. saying she's never done anything like this before, calling it freeing. >> well, she hasn't done anything like this before. >> it is brand-new. >> it will be, quote, controversial. >> big step from "high school musical." now, to a real-life wedding nightmare. it's almost what we saw on "bridesmaids" and "wedding crashers."
8:18 am
the unlucky couple is from new orleans. and they shared the mishaps with amy robach. >> reporter: if you're in the middle of planning your own wedding right now, cover your eyes. >> oh. >> reporter: from soaking wet ceremonies, to photo shoot fails. mishaps happen more often than you might think. ravayna was the kind of bride that prided herself on the details. >> in general, i'm just a bit of a perfectionist. >> reporter: which made what happened three days before her wedding last october, just a little bit more challenging. you arrive in new orleans. you get to the hotel. what do you see? >> there's no lawn. and there's no bushes. and they told us they would be happy to put down a green carpet. >> reporter: the kitchen, closed for renovation. >> the flowers came in from the floral company. and about one-third of them were
8:19 am
totally dead. it was not a good day. >> reporter: this is when the day goes from bad, to worse, to surreal. the three-piece suit arrives three sizes too big. and the night before the big say, ravayna clocked her head on a door. when she awoke on her wedding day, it was clear, beautiful and steaming hot. >> i wore a gown that was a lot of gown. >> reporter: which looked stunning. until they started taking photos. >> i said, david, i'm going to pass out. they unzipped my dress and put ice packs down my back and on my neck. it's 15 minutes before my wedding. and i'm sitting in the front hall trying not to faint. >> reporter: diane valentine, celeb wedding planner and host of "i do over" has seen it all. >> women say they want the enormous heels on their wedding day. it's a don't.
8:20 am
you have to wear that all day and all night. >> reporter: diann's top tip is, remain calm. >> for a bride, i try to tell them, is remember what is most important. the day is about love. >> reporter: while ravayna and david didn't have a wedding planner like diann to save them, they did have each other. >> it's one day. and this is the rest of our lives. so, in the grand scale of things, what are you going to do? >> impossible day to forget. that story and more on "20/20" wedding confidential. airing tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central. let's talk about another glamorous day for everybody, the golden globes. everybody wants to get the looks from the red carpet for a better price. first, we want to show you the mini versions one photographer re-creating the a-list looks in adorable pictures. one of the biggest nights in hollywood has never looked so small. now, anne hathaway isn't using some hollywood miracle youth
8:21 am
treatment. that's her 7-year-old mini-me, alynda. she's one of several kids that got to pose as v.i.p.s, thanks to photographer tricia messeroux and her adorable creation, coddlewood. >> if you have somebody like madame tussaud who makes celebrities out of wax, i make celebrities out of kids. >> reporter: she took one of hollywood's hottest couples down to size. that's minigeorge and stacy keibler. there's a pint-sized lucy liu, halle berry and taylor swift, all in kiddie couture. >> the struggle for my team is, we need to make everything from scratch. but we don't know until that night. >> reporter: it's not just the red carpet. messeroux likes to use kids to remake movie posters and memorable moments, like tom cruise jumping on oprah's couch. >> i love working with kids.
8:22 am
the music's going. >> reporter: part of the proceeds from the collection goes to st. jude's children's research hospital, proving the tiniest bit of star power can have a big impact. >> really cute. now, we want some glam. to show us grown-up versions, we have kate dimmock, fashion director for "people style watch." welcome, kate. >> thank you very much. >> let's talk about the best looks. >> it was a stunning night. >> i think claire danes stood out right away. we want to see if there was a way to get that look. >> she is wearing versace. she looks amazing. we love the color. we have our own laura here. this is $198. it's a color of the moment coral. it's the same shade. super flattering. >> and $198. >> you can have it be not so open if you want it to.
8:23 am
>> give us the back, laura. nice. >> that has more detail than claire's. >> exactly. >> another incredible woman on the carpet was anne hathaway. we just saw the mini version. >> here, we have carmela. this is a new way to get the look. this is from it's a dress you can rent for $185. just like a celebrity, you can wear it for one night and send it back. >> they usually borrow. renttherunway. >> it would be over $1,000. but you can actually get it for one amazing occasion, for $185. >> and it's so flattering for so many figures. this is slightly different. but gives you the feel. >> you get the same texture. but one shoulder is a superbig trend. >> we have our own version of sofia vergara. >> exactly. sofia was wearing michael pinto.
8:24 am
this dress is $299. and again, like sofia, we're dressing the curves, making it work. it's a great shape. this is an amazing dress. >> i love it. i didn't know badgley mischka has a label that was more affordable. >> exactly. and it's kind of a little of an investment, $299. it's up there. but a black strapless sequins dress is going to take you a long way. >> there's a rare occasion when block is not the predominant color. >> she really stood out. we have one more look. this is my favorite. i can't tell you how beautiful jessica alba looked. >> she is our resident fashionista. and we have madison. while jessica alba's dress was oscar de la renta, this is from david's bridal for $180. >> do we have a picture of jessica's dress to show you how similar the looks are? >> this coral color is so hot right now. >> it's really in and beautiful. these are great looks.
8:25 am
they're still expensive but a heck of a lot more affordable than on the red carpet. thank you so much, everybody. kate dimmock. to get full details on the dresses, go to on yahoo! you get a bonus look, too. coming up, the money grab. >> now from abc7 news.
8:26 am
>> good morning, i am kristen sze. a san jose mother could face charges for filing a false police report. investigators say jenny araujo admitted making up a story of a stranger trying to wrestle her daughter from her arms. the father says this story is the latest in a spring of -- string of lies. sue how is the salute? >> sig-alert with a stalled big rig at southbound 880 if a couple of hours. traffic is backed to the dublin grade. and north 880, slow from 238, and north 880 before fremont avenue in the sunnyvale and san jose area. kristen? >> thank you, mike name will check out the
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> welcome back. it is another "spare the air" day so burning of wood is banned for all of this although the poorest air quality is in the not bay and the peninsula from san mateo bridge from san francisco. black ice is less and less likely the next half hour. the seven shows rough surf but they look
8:29 am
♪ there's a crowd outside. but check out what is happening inside right here. big reveal. >> real big. >> there's d.j. k2. denise doesn't going to cooperate with us. d.j. k2, thanks for sending us into the weekend. it is time, now, been doing this all week long. "gma" money grab, jumpstarting our january. >> that's right. christy watson from arkansas -- she's a little excited. >> yes. >> there's the videotape. >> she's going to be great. in 30 seconds, how much will she take home? we're about to find out. >> get it started. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> okay. >> you have to go in first. >> here we go. >> good luck. >> go in? >> go in. we have to see the hands. hands. >> three, two, one. go. come on, girl. >> that's a lot.
8:30 am
>> grab it. >> good girl. go get it. >> she's doing great. >> now, it's all falling out. >> stay low. >> had a good start, though. very solid start. >> it's going in the pants. >> six. five. four. three. two. one. yes. >> good job. >> look at that. >> wait. she just -- you dropped a bunch. she just dropped a bunch. >> she had it. >> very strong. really strong effort. really strong there. >> how do you feel now? >> oh, my god. >> we're going to count up your cash. >> okay. >> and reveal for you in a few minutes how much you managed to shove in there. >> anywhere you've got money, we'll count it out.
8:31 am
>> are you going to do that personally? >> all right. all this week, we're saving you money. we're giving away money. we're showing you how to turn your clutter into cash, as well. >> wherever the cash may be. we're going to show you how one family's basement was, in fact, turned into their own gym. it didn't break the bank. >> really great transformation, with some help from hgtv. >> she is really excited. i hope you stay for "gma live!" just ahead. >> yes. >> it's at 9:00 a.m. join us at i'm not reading that. >> yes. >> what sam has in common with beyonce. >> i can't imagine there's anything. >> what doesn't he have in common with beyonce? >> he has somebody videotaping every moment. and by the way, i'll have what christie's having. >> exactly.
8:32 am
>> it is jumpstart january all this week. we've been showing you how to save big. this morning, becky worley is joining us to show how you can turn your clutter into cash. >> i want what christie's having, too. i think i need it. i'm doing something pretty brave here. i'm inviting you into my own private episode of hoarders. this is my garage. i have way too much stuff. and i'm not alone. i met another mom who is ready to tame the chaos and make some cash along the way. she has two kids and a third on the way. she needs more space. and a little extra cash would be nice, too. so, the first treasure we seek, electronics. she is ready to sell her husband's gaming console. important question. have you asked your husband about selling the machine? >> i mentioned it. >> reporter: lots of gear.
8:33 am
but the problem here, the old stuff loses value fast. but gadget trade-in sites will give you an instant quote to tell you what it's worth. let's look at clothes. this is the spot? >> this is the spot. >> reporter: three sweaters that meg has never worn are going. you want to show the tag. phones are great for listing items. the camera is built-in. and you can dictate the description. >> what would you like the note to say? >> j. crew marino sweater. i asked meg if she has high-end items she could part with. fan fancy. >> and not realistic for a mother of three. >> reporter: it's like a digital consignment store for swanky items. through the app, they offer meg
8:34 am
300 bucks for the used purse. >> purge, purge, purge. >> reporter: meg has a storage unit that's full of goodies. i'm seeing furniture here. furniture is best sold on craigslist. but to price it, start with half the purchase price and then start marking it down for flaws. kid stuff sells great. i think you could get $180 maybe for this. this is a great stroller. expensive toys are best sold on eb ebay. but for clothes, listing them individually -- >> overwhelming. >> reporter: i suggest a new website, called threadup, that buys used kids clothes in bulk. they send you a bag like this. you jam it full of baby clothes. and you get $20 to $40 per bag. tallying the value of her items and arriving on a number. grand total is, $2,461. >> wow.
8:35 am
>> reporter: and a cleaner house. >> yes. i need that. that's priceless. >> reporter: i am inspired by meg's success. and i have my own clutter to tame. elizabeth, this is what i'll be doing for the rest of the day. wish me luck. hopefully i can grab some cash. >> actually, i'm inspired, too. becky, this is incredible what you were able to do. you mentioned in the piece, electronics lose value fast. how do you know if the cell phone chargers sitting in the drawer have value? >> 62% of us have an extra phone lying around the house. and it only loses value when it's sitting in the garage or a drawer. so, sell it. >> i'm on it. especially in my closet. i'm going there this afternoon. thanks, becky. let's go to sam for a final check of the weather this morning. sam? >> i missed beckies story because i'm having so much fun. all right, ladies. wait. is it a sports team? or no?
8:36 am
>> it's my birthday. >> so glad you came with us to celebrate your birthday. and good morning, you guys. just as much energy. this is my favorite part of my job. i love you guys so much. thank you so much. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. it makes you happy to be around these folks. smokey mountains. facebook and twitter. we can show america. look at birmingham, alabama. it's the southern snow that will remembered this early season. look at the warm and dry air that works its way up the coastline. san francisco gets a little milder. that's some good news. vegas, 62 by the time we get to sunday. i miss you, vegas. i don't miss that cold air coming in. look at the arctic blast lining up for the end of the weekend to next week. this is going to go deep into the southland. be prepared for that.
8:37 am
>> you guys have been helping us out to much with our warm hearts, warm coats drive. it's 139,801 folks. as folks who need it next week. we need a last-minute push from you. here's a twitter picture of 11-year-old cameron ray donating near her father's base. dave ray is an army sergeant. he says the family has been gathering coats to donate because they enjoy giving back. as a member of our military, you give back every day. but we thank everybody for their coats. you can donate at any burlington coat factory store. we get a big arctic blast. we need your help. all of that weather was --
8:38 am
elizabeth, back to you. >> thank you, sam. coming up, barbara walters with one little girl's story of triumph.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back, now, with barbara walters. great to have you here, as always. you're here to share part of your edition "20/20," special day, tomorrow night. special time, 8:00 p.m. this is the story of a young girl facing something of a
8:41 am
unique challenge. >> she really has. this is a little girl i've been following since she was 5 years old. and she's now almost 12. her name is jazz. and i said, george, that she's a little girl. but she was born a boy. jazz is what we call a transgender, which is people who feel they were born in the wrong body. it's also known as gender identity disorder. she's not gay. she's not a lesbian. and being transgender is not a phase. her parents, jeannette and greg have known since she was very young that she was transgender. she has two older brothers and an older sister. she was female on her birth certificate. she was raised as a girl. she plays on a girls' soccer team. but now that she's entering puberty, george, she has a whole new list of problems. you are getting to the age, jazz, when girls and boys date. are you attracted to girls or to
8:42 am
boys? >> i'm attracted to boys. >> are you afraid you might not have dates with boys? >> i am a little bit. but if any of the boys decline me because of my situation, then i just know they're not right for me at all. >> reporter: if you think life is complicated, try dealing with a transgender girl texting a boy she just met at school. >> she's made a new friend. and it's a boy. i tell her, you know, you're going to have friends that are boys, they need to know immediately. i'm transgender. but i was a boy, but became a girl. i have a girl brain but a male body. >> reporter: a few moments later, the boy responds, obviously confused. >> he just sent me, you have a girl body, right? >> that's a difficult question to ask. why don't you tell him to watch the videos. >> reporter: jazz texted him back, to watch this online video of her. >> i think like a girl. but i just have a boy body.
8:43 am
>> that's a cute video. what parts of a boy do you have? >> what are you going to say? >> the "p" word. >> reporter: like a tattoo that won't rub off, the "p" word is likely to follow jazz everywhere. >> i don't care what he thinks about me, if it's that -- if it's good, i'll be happy. >> wait until you hear what she's up to. >> reporter: greg's been down this road before with his oldest daughter. but advising a transgender tween with a crush is new territory. >> what did he say? >> he accepts me for who i am. >> that's sweet. are you happy? >> now, i'm texting my friends about it. >> i have to get something. >> reporter: what part of being transgender hurts you the most?
8:44 am
>> my genitalia because right now, i feel like a girl. but when i look down there, it reminds me. >> reporter: that must feel very bad for you. >> yeah. >> what a set of challenges, barbara. there's so much love and so much communication. >> wonderful parents. and they are doing this and allowing this with jazz because there are other children and adults, who suffer from what is called gender identity disorder. and she wants parents to love their children and to know that they're okay. and they're still lovable. >> boy, it could be so tough for her in those teen years. >> she has a lot of choices to make. right now, she's on hormone blockers that stop the testosterone. and she has to decide if she wants to do estrogen, which will make her more feminine. and at some point, around the age of 18, she has to decide if she wants gender reassignment surgery. >> what a story. barbara, thanks very much. you can see the whole story tomorrow night on a special
8:45 am
edition of "20/20." address, at 8:00 p.m. eastern. look at this basement. can it become
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ i'm really excited about this. our series "get the good life," where we show you how to make the most of your life, from your family, your finances, your fitness, in 2013. we're going to show you how to "get the good life" without ever leaving your home. take a look. meet the singer family. mom, lisa, dad, thomas, and their two teens, jonas and claire. this year, the family has a shared resolution, to get in better shape. >> my goal is to stay in shape by continuously exercising. >> i want to work on my muscles. >> i want to lose 50 pounds, which is a very aggressive goal for the year. >> reporter: the singers say they have tried joining gyms unsuccessfully. >> they're getting very
8:48 am
expensive. >> reporter: while they have exercise equipment of their own, the problem is, most is in the deep, dark basement. [ scream ] >> kind of cluttered. and it's really cold down there. >> there's a lot of spiders down there. >> reporter: what does this family need? >> we need a family gym. >> reporter: fortunately, we knew just who to call. hgtv kitchen cousins, anthony carino and john. >> the basement is scary. it is. >> reporter: the cousins were sizing up that basement. taking measurements, fielding requests. >> i'd like to have an open space where i can do more stretching and dancing type stuff. >> reporter: the cousins say there's keys. first, maximize available space. >> right now, downstairs there's no open area. we want to open up that space. >> reporter: second, let there be light. no one wants to work out in a place that feels dark or scary. >> we're going with colors that are bright. >> want to warm up the floors.
8:49 am
>> reporter: and great workout equipment doesn't have to come in great big packages. >> the gym thing has changed. it's doing things and using objects you would never think of using. >> you don't have a big piece of equipment taking up this space. >> no peeking for a week. promise? >> reporter: after a week of construction, the singers were ready for the big reveal. the results -- >> oh, my god. wow. >> reporter: behold the difference. here was the basement before. and now, the home gym after. mirrors to line the walls. perfect for dancing and creating the illusion of more space. for jonas and thomas, a rack of kettle balls and weights. half the size of the workout machinery but just as effective. and for the entire family, built-in storage. and a show-stopping flat-screen tv. that when coupled with a wii system, can be used to play workout video games. best of all, say the cousins, the basement doesn't feel so
8:50 am
dark, thanks to the newly-painted white walls. the family's reaction? >> 2013. >> terrific. we have two guys responsible for the home gym. right here. "cousins on call." anthony and john. fantastic job. >> thank you. >> i think perception of a home gym is a luxury for the wealthy. you've proven that not to be true. and we have simple tips if we want to do it, starting with the mirrors. >> the mirror, in particular, in this case, seeing a basement having low ceilings, it opens the space up. it shares light well. and most importantly on the gym aspect, you're watching yourself do the exercises. you're keeping your form right. and it just helps you motivate yourself to continue to exercise. >> it holds you accountable. if you're watching. and it also encourages you. the second thing is about the equipment. i know i've bought the equipment. and it becomes a laundry basket. what do you suggest?
8:51 am
>> kettle balls, free weights, a ball there. it's about core movement. these are easy things to do inside your home and not big clutter. we don't want to have big machines. they're outdated. you can move them out of the way. when you have people over, they're not cluttering your home. >> and the other part is a basement is a multifunction space. get a tv for the basement. >> you will want to be down there a lot more. >> you get a wii system. wii fit, let me tell you something. if you haven't done wii fit, it challenges you. and you can create your characters. do it with your family. it's interactive. have your neighbors over. you challenge them. a lot more fun. >> we had harley pasternak on. he has one, too. i've been doing it. that hurts. video games shouldn't hurt that much. really important point is the flooring. from home depot, very little money. >> it's great with these squares. we want to be able to move things around.
8:52 am
we can do it. put it down. take it away. it's a great piece. >> i love it. you guys are the best. "kitchen cousins," "cousins on call." and the countdown is on right now. "gma live!" is coming up next. the cousins will be our special guests. you'll learn more when we come back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
"gma live!" coming up. find out how much christy won.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> now from abc7 news.
8:58 am
>> good morning, i am kristen sze. bay area officials are ready for a spike in flu cases. vaccine shots were given at washington hospital in fremont. demand is growing. california is still one of the least active states so far this season. >> warming up for the weekend. >> another "spare the air" day with no burning of wood. temperatures now, the warmer-than-average highs, low-to-mid 60's and warmer this weekend with mid-to-upper 60's but watch out for the dangerous surf at the coast. sue? >> commute is winding down with two early problems cleared north 238 finally cleared but slow back to 580 and north 880 pass jammed still from 238 northward. kristen? >> thank announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael."
8:59 am
today, star of the new series "the following," kevin bacon. and from the hbo comedy "girls" allison williams. and gelman shows his yoga moves as we wrap up "live's" workout with us week. plus, we're looking for ladies who need some fun. all the details you need to enter girl's night out oscar edition. all next on the emmy award winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] kelly: hi! hi
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